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    Tahira Rifath

    Tahira Rifath


    The path to becoming an artist has not always been a straight line for Tahira.

    Born into a family of engineers, Tahira battled with the idea of artistic expression from an early age, never really finding her voice despite her love for drawing. After completing a degree in Engineering and Computer Science and spending a few drab years in the industry she finally gained the courage to pursue her passion in design, enrolling at the Academy of Design, Colombo.

    Tahira believes in the power of art and design and its ability to transform lives and make changes in the world. Accordingly, her creative process tends to incorporate issues that may be viewed as uncomfortable or awkward with the hope that her work may educate and ultimately open the doors to conversation and change. With this thought in mind, she hopes to begin a Masters Degree in Social Impact Design in the future.

    Influences of Tahira include works from Salvador Dali, Banksy and Damien Hirst. She aspires to create pieces that mirror their fearless approach to art and pushes the boundaries of what people find comfortable.


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